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“I attended Jane’s motivational keynote, “Five scientific ways to stay on T-R-A-C-K!” She is the real deal. The science was impressive, the exercises were powerful, and her upbeat energy completely changed the atmosphere in the room. She was 100% real, sharing personal stories and even poking fun at herself. While having a great time, we all learned some seriously helpful ways to change our lives.”

Maria Cooper
Above and Beyond Productions

“Jane gave a presentation at an Experience Unlimited meeting I attended. I think I can speak for all in attendance. Jane captivated all of us immediately with her command of the subject, her enthusiasm, her fun audience participation exercises, her sense of humor and willingness to share her experiences and knowledge. What an excellent choice our organization made for a speaker! Anyone have issues with self confidence sometimes? Jane's suggested approaches can be life-changing!”

Joe Perkins 
IIDMS Consultant

"Jane Ransom’s keynote talk for our state convention was heartfelt, genuine and compelling. She truly speaks to her audience, which is why we gave her a big standing ovation! She combines science with personal experience, while offering great tools to accelerate personal growth. I absolutely recommend this speaker!”

Vivian Vanderwerd 
Director, Professional Standards, OCAR