Love means saying you’re sorry.

In the movie Love Story, Ali MacGraw advises Ryan O’Neal that “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” The movie was good, but that’s terrible advice! Apologies strengthen romantic love. Missteps and misunderstandings will inevitably occur between any two people who spend much time together. Partners in a committed intimate relationship are bound to hurt […]

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In marital conflict, all’s well
that starts well.

What did Mac do to ensure that his talk with Millie about their marital conflict would turn out happily? You may remember this couple from our last post. Mac had brought up feelings of being disrespected by Millie. Unfortunately, she responded by criticizing his grammar, which further disrespected him and made things worse. Relationship advice […]

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How happy couples avoid conflict “crash.”

How did Mac and Millie find their way back to a happy marriage? Do you remember those two from our last post? Their conflict discussion seemed headed downhill, or even to divorce court. Yet there is a proven strategy, which Mac followed, to avoid conflict “crash” and restore connection. Relationship science recommends using “repairs” to […]

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Can correcting grammar
be a form of betrayal?

Mac: Darling, sometimes I feel like you don’t respect me. Millie: You feel as if I don’t respect you. Like is a preposition, not a conjunction. Mac: Arghh! Don’t you feel sorry for him? Me too. But I almost pity her more, for she is clueless about conflict. Betrayal occurs in hidden ways. Millie is […]

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Laughing makes a lass attractive.
No joke, it’s science!

This post is for gals who want to know how to be more attractive… and it’s for guys who like to make women laugh. Everybody in? Here’s a funny test: Three couples walk into a bar. Couple #1 talks seriously, their eyes locked on each other in earnest dialogue. Couple #2 enjoys back-and-forth witty repartee, […]

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Fast romance makeover in 3 easy steps.

We all know that going from good to great in a romantic relationship takes a long time… or does it? Here’s a scientific secret: Three simple steps can improve your relationship fast. Based on valid gender differences and up-to-date brain science, these steps will work wonders—but they won’t occur automatically. Start putting them into practice […]

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Use this paradox to harness
the power of the subconscious.

Several savvy readers have asked about an apparent contradiction in my recent blog posts. This brings up a paradox about the subconscious mind. Once you fully understand it, you will have new power to change your life, and to improve the lives of others as well. What is this apparent contradiction? Okay. On the one […]

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Want to free your creativity?
Abolish “talent”!

Over the years, many people have come to me to get rid of a creativity “block.” While hypnosis significantly helps, clients are always surprised that I also recommend changing how they describe themselves. To unblock creativity, banish “talent!”  Yes, they should continue to call themselves poets or painters or songwriters or what-have-you. But if they […]

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Go beyond good listening.
Practice giving validation!

Picture a woman telling her mate that the movie they just saw deeply angered her because it showed callousness toward cats. He liked the movie, but can see she is upset. A happy-couples quiz: How should he react? Remind her it was just a movie (and they were just cats!), so it’s silly to be […]

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